Work pass holder to ban from working in Singapore for breaching circuit breaker rules

Covid19 Singapore Revoke Work Holder Permit

In the rising cases of infected cases in Singapore, the government has with effect from 7 April 2020 entered the circuit breaker period, an effort to pre-empt escalating COVID-19 infections. During this time, everyone should be staying on as much as possible.

In line with the circuit breaker, a new law “COVID-19 (Temporary Measures Act) 2020 was passed in the Parliament on the same day. The new law bans all gathering with family or friends who do not live together. Gatherings at home, public spaces (like HDB void decks and parks) are also banned too.

MOM officers and other authorities conducting enforcement operation islandwide.

However, there are still people trying to play the other side of the game.

A work pass holder has recently been stripped of his pass and permanently barred from working in Singapore for breaching circuit breaker measures.

The investigation found that the worker from an essential firm has finished work last Thursday evening and went for a meal. He continued to loiter ar various places for an extended period of time, before returning to his place of residence only the next day.

The authorities also issued 39 fines to work pass holders from Friday to Sunday.

While the government has allowed the companies listed as essential services to continue to work during this tough time, the employers and employees will still have to abide by the regulations.

The ministry added that if these workers are found to have breached circuit breaker measures again, it “will not hesitate” to revoke their work passes and the passes of their dependants.

Employers and their workers have a joint responsibility to abide by safe distancing rules during the circuit breaker, which is necessary for health and safety, it said.

“Ignorance of the requirements is not an excuse and MOM will not hesitate to enforce against errant individuals,” it added.

Members of the public who have information on work pass holders or employers breaching circuit breaker measures can e-mailĀ [email protected].

What can you do during the circuit breaker period?

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