Woman sentenced to 7 months’ jail for cheating her aunt

A 23-year-old Malaysian woman has been sentenced to seven months’ jail for stealing valuables worth S$88,673.80 from her aunt.

Patricia Tan Mei Ling stole the items at around 2.30pm on January 27.

The valuables were stored in two locked suitcases and placed in her mother’s flat at block 574, Pasir Ris Street 53.

They include a Rolex watch, a pair of jade earrings, a diamond ring and a diamond pendant.

Tan committed the crime with an alleged accomplice, her then-boyfriend, 25-year-old Gunasegaran Ramasamy.

After breaking open the suitcases near the flat, she went to a pawnshop with him.

They pawned the watch and jade earrings for S$1,800, even though the two items were worth $7,529.

Some of the other items, including the diamond ring and pendant were later either sold or pawned.

They received $9,350 for doing so and the money was used for their personal expenses.

Gunasegaran has been charged with being an accomplice but he failed to turn up in court.

A warrant of arrest has been issued and he is still at large.

Tan could have been sentenced to up to seven year’s jail and fined. 

Source: Channel NewsAsia, 8th September 2010

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