What is the Fine for taking Upskirts Videos to “De-stress”

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Everyone know that life’s is stress nowadays and it is not only to the adults, so are the students. In finding a way to “de-stress”, Malaysian Li Yaw Chung, a student at UniSIM decided to record upskirt videos of various women on escalators at shopping malls and elsewhere.

After he has been caught, he told the police that he enjoyed the thrill of taking upskirt videos and more so enjoyed the thrill at the possibility of being caught. He thought of it as a challenge and needed the thrill to de-stress.
He was caught at Lot One Shoppers’ Mall at Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 on 8th April 2015 after a Singaporean has witnessed him filming the upskirt videos of three unidentified women with his mobile phone.

While there are also other occasions which he has took upskirt videos at various shopping centres and even at the train station nearby his school.

He pleaded guilty to 12 counts of insulting the modesty of a woman, with 14 other charges taken into consideration. On 2nd Sep 2016, he was given a 16 weeks’ jail term for the offences.

He could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for each count of insulting modesty.

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