Penalty Fines for Bringing More Than A Packet Of Cigarette Through Singapore Customs

While the cost of cigarettes in Singapore has been soaring over the years, most of the Singaporeans has make use of overseas trip or a trip to Johor Bahru to bring back some non-duty paid cigarettes into Singapore for consumption.

Beware, however, it was an dangerous act as these smokers are not aware of the strict law in Singapore. Trying to bring in more than one packet of cigarettes (which must be an open pack) through the Singapore customs constitute a fine penalty, either you have landed at Singapore’s Changi Airport or returning from the Causeway Link from Malaysia.

Ban Applicable To Singaporean And Foreigners 

In the past, the law passed was not applicable to foreigners who had the privilege to bring in 400 sticks of cigarettes, approximately 20 packets, without getting a fine. This was quite a normal rule among Asian countries. Unfortunately, there has been a recent change, and now even foreigners have to adhere to the same rules as Singaporeans – the allowance of just one open pack of cigarettes.

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One of my Japanese friends came over to Singapore last month and he brought 3 packets of cigarettes with him. He failed to declare while going through the customs since he thought the quantity was too small to violate the law. He ended up paying S$400 for the other 2 packets of cigarettes. Be careful of you are bringing in cigarettes. Even you are lucky with the customs, you can still be caught for violating the law if your cigarettes do not have health warnings signs or SDPC markings.

There will be fine of up to $200 per packet of cigarettes or per 20 sticks of cigarettes.

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