No smoking in indoor or air-conditioned public placess

This law has been introduced since the early 1970s, and enforced till the present. Most Singaporeans are presume to be aware of this law. Public areas including cinemas, air conditioned shopping malls and coffeeshop, as well as offices. There is also a restriction for bus interchanges, MRT stations and shelters which require smokers to be at least 5 metres away from the location.

In July 2006, an additional law was implemented on non air-conditioned food courts, hawker centres, coffeeshop. A year later in July 2007, entertainment areas like pubs, disco, nightclubs were included in the extended list of areas stated above.

FINE: 1st time offender may face a S$ 200 fine, while those convicted in court may face up to a max of S$1,000 fine.

1. “Smoking Prohibition”, NEA.

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