Mobile phone manager pleaded guilty to tax evasion

A manager of a company dealing in mobile phones has pleaded guilty to 11 tax evasion charges amounting to more than S$5 million.

Forty-three-year-old Mahesh Sukhram Daswani from Sadhashiv Enterprises assisted his father, Sukhram Parsram Daswani, who is also the sole-proprietor of the company, in evading taxes amounting to more than S$400,000 from January to February 2004.

He also assisted the company and a man identified as Shyam Lekhraj Bhojwani in evading more taxes between February and August that year.

The younger Daswani will be sentenced on July 30.

For committing the offences, he would have to pay three times the amount of tax that had been undercharged – a grand total of more than S$17 million.

He is also liable to a jail sentence of up to seven years, a maximum fine of S$10,000, or both.

Source: Channelnewasia

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