King Of Fruits Being Rejected Entry In Singapore’s Train

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Singapore, being a tropical country is well known for its wide variety of fruits from all sides of Asia, this includes the “King of Fruits”, Durian. Durian is a strongly flavoured fruit which suggested that those in love with it find their smell aromatic while others think it is a pungent smell. As a tropical country, Durians are being sold along streets in Singapore, just like in a usual fruit stall. However, the smell magnifies itself in air-conditioned environments, especially in public transport like buses and MRT (Mass Rapid Transport). Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) has banned commuters from bringing Durian into trains so as not to “pollute” the clean air environment for all commuters.  Though being banned, a fine amount did not determine for offenders for bringing Durian into the train at the moment.

Apart from Durian, there are also some other fines that are being imposed on the public transport as well.

No eating / drinking, S$ 500 fine
No smoking, S$ 1,000 fine
No flammable goods, S$5,000 fine

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