SDPC Markings: Singapore’s Fines for Smoking Cigarettes Without Them

spdc marked cigarettes singapore

In order to tackle the problem of contraband cigarettes entering Singapore, the government passed down a new law for cigarettes that are being sold in Singapore, right after the law passed down for the need for health warning labels on cigarettes package. A new law was passed on 1st January 2009 that each individual stick of cigarette that is sold in Singapore shall be marked with “SDPC”, in short for Singapore Duty Paid Cigarettes.

Anyone who is caught in possession, buying or selling cigarettes without an SDPC marking will be deemed as committing an offence under Singapore’s Customs and GST Acts.

Who Implemented This System?

The Singapore Customs and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) implemented the “SDPC” (Singapore Duty-Paid Cigarette) markings in Singapore to deter the sale of duty-unpaid cigarettes. The new regulation was introduced in 2019.

Can Tourists bring duty-free cigarettes into Singapore?

Technically, Singapore has no duty-free allowance even for a stick of duty-free cigarettes. Don’t think that you can bring these duty-free cigarettes from other countries. The fine is pretty heavy and it is better that you declare and pay the taxes at the custom before bringing them into Singapore.

FINE: 1st Offence S$ 500 Per Packet, 2nd Offence S$ 1,000, 3rd Offence S$2,000.

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