Court ordered man to pay victim S$1,000 for a punch.

A man who was fined $3,500 for punching another man was ordered by the High Court to pay the victim $1,000 in compensation Thursday.

On July 5 last year, 56-year-old Lau Weng Kee was slapping his nine-year-old daughter at Serangoon bus interchange because she had poured water on his pants.

As he was slapping the girl, 51-year-old Abdul Hamid Hassan intervened and asked Lau to stop hitting his daughter.

Lau told Mr Abdul Hamid to mind his own business and punched his nose.

Mr Abdul Hamid pushed Lau away to defend himself, causing him to fall.

The two men then stopped and waited for the police to arrive.

Lau was fined but the prosecution appealed for a heavier sentence Thursday.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Gillian Koh told the court that Lau was a violent offender who would turn violent towards his child and towards members of the public.

Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong said that what concerned him was if Lau had compensated the victim.

He ordered Lau to pay Mr Abdul Hamid $1,000 in compensation and did not increase his sentence.

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