Boss of transport supply company fined S$70,000 for death of employee

The sole proprietor of Yen Logistics Services, Mr Steven Yen Tuck Hei was fined S$ 70,000 for failing to conduct risk assessment for work of loading and unloading of cargoes from trailers. Neither did he provide any documents on briefing drivers and safe work practices.

The accident happened on 1st August 2007 about noon time where Singaporean Koh Hong Son was transporting steel pipes to Pasir Panjang Wharves. Koh release the securing straps so that the pipes could be unloaded, Instead, the pipes rolled off the trailers, pinning him underneath. He was sent to hospital but subsequently died from multiple injuries.

Ministry of Manpower’s investigations revealed that the steel pipes were stacked too high on the trailerbed, which might be the likely risk that the pipes rolling off during transportation and unloading.

1. Jurong Port Safety Bulletin No. 09-11 – Dec 2009
2. Channel News Asia, 21st Dec 2009

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