7 Points to avoid fine for failure to comply WSH Risk Management Regulations

Wef from 1st September 2006, the Workplace Safety & Health in Singapore has make Risk Management a must for any employer, self-employed person or principal (main contractor and/or sub-contractor). There are 7 points which have to be taken note of so as not to be fine by the WSH. 

  1. Risk assessment has to be conducted for all work in the workplace.
  2. Reasonable practical measures to eliminate or reduce safety and health risks.
  3. Establish administrative method in the means of Safe Work Procedures (SWP) if risks cannot be eliminated immediately
  4. Specified roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in implementation of risk control measure and SWP.
  5. Record keeping of all risk assessment. Minimum 3 years records.
  6. Informal to employees and/or workers of the risks involved, controls and/or SWP developed. It can be in the means of safety committees or toolbox meeting. 
  7. Review or revise of risk assessment.

Failure to comply will result penalty for first offence fine up to S$10,000. For second and subsequent offence, offender may be fined up to S$20,000 and/or jail up to 6 months.

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