1st employer to fine S$20,000 for Death of Worker from Heat Stroke

A sole properietor of a company was fined S$20,000 for failing to implement adequate measure to protect one of his workers over heat stress, leading to death of a China worker.

The deceased China worker was from north-east China where average annual temperature was between 6-11 degrees Celsius. On 25th April 2009, he was doing fabrication work under the sun for 5 hours in the yard whereby the average temperature is about 32.9 degrees Celsius. He collapsed and died of heatstroke 4 days after the incident.

Ministry of Manpower findings shows that the deceased China worker was only on his 2nd day of his new job and most likely not adjusted to the Singapore’s climate. Investigations also shown that the company did not use any preventive measures to ensure workplace safety and health which contributed to the death of the worker.

1. Jurong Port Safety Bulletin No.10-10 – Dec 2010

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