Strict Consequences for Evading Road Blocks in Singapore

driving thru roadblock in singapore

Road blocks are a common sight on Singapore’s roads and highways, especially during festive periods and weekends. These checkpoints are set up to ensure that drivers comply with traffic laws and regulations, such as those related to drunk driving and drug trafficking. In addition to late-night operations, the traffic police may also conduct road blocks during the day, depending on the situation.

During a road block, traffic police officers will stop vehicles and check for any signs of drunk driving or drug trafficking. This may involve conducting breathalyser tests or requesting urine samples. The officers may also inspect the vehicles for any illegal substances or weapons.

It is important for drivers to cooperate with the traffic police during road blocks, as evading one can result in serious consequences. In addition to the hefty fine and potential imprisonment, drivers may also face other penalties, such as suspension or revocation of their driving license.

Despite the strict penalties, some drivers may still choose to evade road blocks in an attempt to avoid detection. This can be dangerous, as it may lead to high-speed chases and accidents. Therefore, it is crucial for all drivers to comply with traffic laws and regulations, and to cooperate with the traffic police during road blocks.

Any person convicted of evading a roadblock shall be liable to a fine of up to S$5,000 or up to 12 months imprisonment, or both.

Despite the strict regulations and fines, there are still 17 cases of road block evasions in the first quarter of 2016.

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