Man sentenced to 12 months’ jail for having sex with underage girl

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23-year-old Christopher Neo was sentenced on Wednesday to 12 months’ imprisonment for having sex with underage girl, then only 14-year-old.  He is already serving jail time, for outrage of modesty and voluntarily causing hurt and now would have to spend additional time in prison.

Neo met the 14 year old girl through a mutual friend in March 2009 and has been chatting through the MSN messenger for a couple of days before decided to have a meetout. The girl later when to Neo’s flat in Tampines where they performed sexual intercourse. 

Neo, has been previously sentenced to 4.5 years jail term and 12 strokes of crane for 2 offences. Molesting and masturbating in front of a 15 year old girl and slashing a 23 year old woman with a razor blade.

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