Lifting Supervisor jailed 4 weeks for fatal accident

A site supervisor was in charge of 20 workers involved in demolition and structural works. At the time of accident, he instructed 2 workers, one of which was the deceased to help out of lifting a timber formwork using a mobile crane. During the lifting process, the wire rope used gave way. The formwork fell about 9 metres and hit one of the workers.

Investigations found that the trained lifting supervisor had failed to ensure the workers are trained riggers and improper briefing was given to perform the lifting activity. He also endanger the life of the workers’ safety by exposing them to falling object hazard during the lifting operation.

On 14th January 2010, the site supervisor was jailed 4 weeks for his reckless act which resulted the death of one worker in a lifting accident on 12th October 2007.

1. Jurong Port Safety Bulletin No. 09-13

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