Fine for carrying out high-risk construction without Permit-To-Work

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Permit-To-Work aka PTW system is a used in a workplace and/or construction site to ensure that any high-risks works are being carried out with the acknowledgement of project manager and safety assessors. Below are the 7 kinds of general building / engineering related works that requires PTW in Singapore;

  1. Demolition work
  2. Excavation and trenching work in tunnel or hole in ground exceed depth of 1.5 metres.
  3. Lifting operations (Mobile Crane, Crawler Crane, Tower Cranes, etc.)
  4. Piling works
  5. Tunneling works
  6. Working on a scaffold where a person could fall more than 2 metres
  7. Working in confined space.

Any person carry out the high-risk work without permit-to-work issue by the project manager shall be guilty of an offence and liable to be fined not exceeding S$ 20,000.

Workplace Safety & Health (Construction) Regulations
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4 thoughts on “Fine for carrying out high-risk construction without Permit-To-Work”

  1. Hi Hammerson,

    Well, three years ago compared to current Singapore, there was so much changes in the regulations, especially when we are talking about workplace, safety & health.

  2. It is much more to the construction related industry for this post. And I suppose that not all country are trying to enforce this through the government body but maybe at company level only.


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