Distribution & Sales of Pirated Software

It is hard to imagine nowadays there are still pirated software going through the markets. While there are iPhone “expert” that jail break the phone, “crack” which can be used to unlock trial version of the software, distribution of hard copies of pirated software are not as popular as before. However, there is still people selling and buying through these sources which are considered illegal in Singapore (Ahem, almost everywhere in the world actually). Singapore is maintaining it’s strict law enforcement on this part and has implement a heavy fine on it.

Those who committed copyright infringement may be liable to fines up to S$ 100,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 5 years. 

download anime illegally

Photo source: TedFox Anime Reviews

If you like animation, I would not recommend downloading programmes from the internet in Singapore. Due to falling sales figures and rising home users’ downloading of animation without payment, Singapore-based animation distributor, ODEX has asked for enforcement in Singapore to crackdown on illegal downloaders with the aid of two Internet Service Providers (ISP) to provide them with subscriber data of the offenders.

FINE: Those who admit to downloading Odex-licensed anime will have to pay the company between S$3,000 and S$5,000 in compensation for its enforcement expenses.

However, this caused some controversy as most of the anime fans thinks that it is a way for Odex to generate profit for itself. One hacker (which I believe to be an anime fan) hacked into Odex’s official website and it has been down since then.

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