32,000 flat owners sublet their flats as of end June

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Some 32,000 flat owners have registered their subletting of rooms with HDB as of end June.

HDB has also issued a reminder to those whose tenancies started before February, that their six months grace period for registration will end at the end of this month.

Those who sublet from February 1 are required to register with HDB within seven days from the start date of the subletting.

Flat owners are also required to notify HDB when they renew or terminate their subletting contracts, and when there are changes to their subtenants’ particulars.

There’s however no need to seek prior approval for subletting of rooms.

HDB says this requirement supports the Home Affairs Ministry’s ongoing efforts to eradicate loansharking activities, and to better protect residents.

The housing board says it may impose a penalty on those who flout the rule.

The penalty may involve a fine of up to $3,000 or for recalcitrant cases, compulsory acquisition of their flats.

Source: Channelnewasia, 14th July 2010

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