While space constraints is becoming a problem in Singapore, buildings are building upwards and higher throughout the decades. This has caused a social problem with irresponsible people littering from the high-rise buildings which some of these falling objects are fatal enough to injure or cause death to anyone passing below. We also called this as the killer littering. As a mean to curb such acts, the Singapore government has implemented strict law including jail terms for these group of people.

The offence carries a punishment of imprisonment for a term which may extend to 6 months, or with a fine extend to $2,500, or with both. If someone is injured due to the littering act, there might be more litigation to be faced.

Case Study

A 58 year old was arrested on 6th February 2014 for throwing out items from his common corridor and kitchen window after police were being informed that a bicycle and other household items were thrown out from an unknown floor along a HDB block in Bukit Merah View. Court Order will be sought to remand the suspect for psychiatric assessment at Institute of Mental Health.