Heavy Fine And Possible Jail Term For High Rise Littering in Singapore

While space constraints is becoming a problem in Singapore, buildings are building upwards and higher throughout the decades. This has caused a social problem with irresponsible people littering from the high-rise buildings which some of these falling objects are fatal enough to injure or cause death to anyone passing below. We also called this as the killer littering. As a mean to curb such acts, the Singapore government has implemented strict law including jail terms for these group of people.

The offence carries a punishment of imprisonment for a term which may extend to 6 months, or with a fine extend to $2,500, or with both. If someone is injured due to the littering act, there might be more litigation to be faced.

Case Study

A 58 year old was arrested on 6th February 2014 for throwing out items from his common corridor and kitchen window after police were being informed that a bicycle and other household items were thrown out from an unknown floor along a HDB block in Bukit Merah View. Court Order will be sought to remand the suspect for psychiatric assessment at Institute of Mental Health.

I used bows to hunt in my country, can I bring it into Singapore ?

Singapore is a very tiny city and most of the forests are under nature reserve with scarce animals to be hunted down. Instead, we do have Archery Clubs in Singapore allowing those enthusiasm in Bow-ing to show off their skills.

Source: art.com

An approval is required to own Bow and Arrows in Singapore and approval can be obtained only if you are a member of the Archery Club. Furthermore, these can only be used in events or locations held by the Archery Club. So far there wasn’t any case known popular that someone was fined for possession of these items.

You can’t just bring Stun Gun or Pepper spray on Singapore streets

Source: SmartStun Blog

Stun Gun or Pepper spray are arms which are used for self-defence in some countries, e.g. USA which can be commonly found in weapon stores. In Singapore, you see a different picture. Basically, you would not find a weapon store anywhere in Singapore (except for authorized shop for sports shooting) that sell arms or weapon that causes bodily harm.

Perhaps because Singapore has been recognized as one of the world safest city and the government finds bringing these weapons will only disturb the order.

For tourists, my suggestion, it would be the best to check with your travel agent what arms are not allowed to bring into Singapore as most of the arms are prohibited. Even toy guns are prohibited.

Possessing, import or exporting of any of these Stun Guns shall be liable for a fine not exceeding $10,000 and imprisonment term extend up to 3 years.

1. Arms and Explosives Act (Chapter 13) Revised Edition 2003

Fireworks/Fire Crackers not legal if permission not seek from authorities

Fireworks has been commonly used in different countries during celebration of events, e.g wedding dinner, shows, ceremony, etc. However, under the legislative under Singapore Police Force, a licence has to be obtained before letting off the fireworks (blasting work or pyrotechnic effects) into the sky.

Offenders having possession or discharging fireworks in Singapore may face minimum jail terms of 6 months to 2 years and caning not more than 6 strokes. This applies same to a company who the person-in-charge will be responsible for the offence.

However, do note that some other fireworks are classified as non-dangerous and can be sold and discharged in Singapore such as sparklers, party poppers, “Beauty and Snake” fireworks, “Cobra” fireworks and Christmas crackers.

In traditional Chinese culture, fire crackers has always been a way to welcome the new year and ward off evil and with more than 60% of the Singaporean are Chinese, some vendors came out with new idea by selling “electronics fire crackers” which emit lights and give off sounds similar to crackers.

The penalty of possession fireworks or attempts to possess fireworks will be fine an amount not more than $5,000 and/or jail terms not exceeding 2 years, or both penalties may effect together.

Attempts to discharge or discharging fireworks may face between $2,000 to $10,000 fine or jail terms not exceeding 2 years for 1st offence and jail terms not exceeding 2 years and caning with not more than 6 strokes of caning for 2nd and subsequent offence.

Currently, there is only 5 licenced companies in Singapore which are allowed to discharge fireworks on certain events prior to approval from Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force. (Please note I am not earning any referral fee from any of the companies stated below)

Explomo Technical Services Pte Ltd
#05-06 Genting Block, Ruby Industrial Complex
80 Genting Lane
Singapore 349565
Fax: 67417161
Attn: Mr Sam Ngooi

Glorious (Singapore) Pte Ltd
#02-05 Shun Li Industrial Complex
705 Sims Drive
Singapore 387384
Fax: 67694428
Attn: Mr Derek Lam

Intermay Consultect Pte Ltd
#03-73 Ubi Techpark
10 Ubi Crescent
Singapore 408564
Fax: 67413642
Attn: Mr Vincent Lee

Effects Technologies Pte Ltd
#02-144, Block 1013
Geylang East Avenue 3
Singapore 389728
Fax: 62343138
Attn: Mr Ng Cheng Sun

Knights Synergy (S) Pte Ltd
#01-50, Block 571
Pasir Ris Street 53
Singapore 510571
Fax: 68619628
Attn: Mr Ling Kwee Lee