Company and its director fined S$70,000 after worker die from flash fire.

The deceased worker started working with the company about two weeks before the accident. He was performing gas cutting works using an Oxy-Acetylene gas cutting torch in the factory and within the same area, drums were being pressed for disposal. During the cutting works, a flash fire broke out and the worker suffered extensive burns, and died 10 days later in the hospital.

Ministry of Manpower’s investigations found leaks at the valves of oxygen and acetylene cylinders of the torch as well as connection between the hose and gas torch. The company failed their duty to conduct safety checks and maintain the hotworks equipment  before allowing the workers to use them.

The company and its director was later convicted under the Workplace SAfety and Health Act (Cap. 354A) and a fine of total S$70,000 was imposed.

1. Jurong Port Safety Bulletin No. 09-17

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